Basic Online Store

A basic store to promote your business online. Self manageable and expandable..

It is the simplest and basic option to manage your Online Store. With the most basic options, it allows the management of products, orders, payments, etc. The store will be developed in the WordPress content manager, which allows you to combine with a corporate web page under the same content manager. The package will include development of the store in WordPress with the Woocommerce plugin.

Icono Ok Creation of an online store with 3 layouts pages, the basic ones so that the web page I have an online store format.

Icono Ok Self-managing website (WordPress + WooCommerce). In other words, the customer will be able to manage their products, customers, orders, payments, etc. Once the website is finished, the identification data (user and password) will be delivered for management.

Icono Ok Responsive web design (WordPress + WooCommerce). The online store will be compatible with most devices, whether computers, tablets or mobile, and will be built under those principles.

Icono Ok Basic SEO Optimization. Optimization of the online store by a keyword for the client’s business. Top of the page in the search engines, although its presence in the first results pages is not guaranteed.

Icono Ok Online shop implemented in a single language, which will be selected by the client (Spanish, Catalan, English, etc.).

Icono Ok Closed and unique price of 900 euros, without monthly or annual maintenance fees.

Icono Ok Closed and unique price of 900 euros, without monthly or annual maintenance fees.

Icono Ok Price does not include VAT.

Icono Ok Payment will be made 50% at the beginning, 50% at the end of development.

Icono Ok Price does not include the domain or the hosting, which will be borne by the client. If the customer does not know how to perform these steps, we offer to manage the process, as long as the client takes care of the costs. See Extensions tab.

Icono Ok Customer will be responsible for providing the general data of the store and the 10 products included before the start of development. Then he can manage all the products.

Icono Ok Delivery time will be 21 days once the customer has delivered all the contents.

Icono Ok Management of different forms of payment: cash, Paypal, bank transfer, check, payment gateway with card.

Icono Ok Configuration of the shipping costs, which can be free, of single price or according to weight, package measurement or shipping country.

Icono Ok Configuration of taxes, can be included in the price or calculated separately, you can impose different taxes per product.

Icono Ok It allows you to create discount coupons, with a fixed amount or a percentage, for specific products or product categories.

Icono Ok It allows to add different attributes and variations to the characteristics of the product (color, sizes, etc.).

Icono Ok You can sell physical or digital products.

Icono Ok It provides inventory reports that report on the available stock of products for sale.

Icono Ok Offers other status reports for orders, sales and customers.

Icono Ok It incorporates the fields of SEO necessary for the positioning in search engines.

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