Business Intelligence

We help you to know the situation of your company and to make decisions

Business Intelligence solutions cover the organizational and managerial needs of accessing business information, knowing what is happening at all times and in real time in the company. Through Business Intelligence, organizations will have business data that will save costs and time. Business Intelligence gives any organization a knowledge and extraordinary value of their own business to make the decisions or changes necessary to improve performance and results.

Our services include:

Icono Ok Strategic Consulting Business Intelligence.

Icono Ok Functional analysis and taking requirements of the different areas of the company (logistics chain, Sales, Controlling, Finance, CRM, Human Resources, etc …).

Icono Ok Corporate handwriting design.

Icono Ok Design of global architecture and solutions.

Icono Ok Analysis of Complex KPIs.

Icono Ok Technical development of solutions.

Icono Ok Project management and leadership.

Icono Ok Project audits.

We work with different technologies (SAP BW on HANA, SAP BO, Cognos, etc.).

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