Running automatically on the Windows startup tab is one of the absolute most frustrating things concerning the newest version of uTorrent. Of course, most PC people do not need a torrent client open anytime they are utilizing the computerkeyboard. Closing this application tab can get irritating and be sure that it remains on will slow down the system.

Within this post, you will learn how exactly to prevent uTorrent from opening on startup Windows 10 using a stepbystep manual.

Strategy number 1. Disabling auto run over your client

  • Measure 1. Absolutely amazing collection utorrent 2.2.1 download from Our collection uTorrent.
  • Measure Two. Pick Options -> Choices
  • Measure 3. Pick the typical portion and uncheck the box beside the’begin uTorrent on technique startup’.
  • Step 4. Simply click’Ok’.

Now you are aware of howto avoid uTorrent 3.5 from launching on startup windows 10 from in the program, it doesn’t harm to end uTorrent from beginning mechanically within the platform itself.

Way no 2. Disabling uTorrent Auto-run using the’Startup’ tab

In order to disable uTorrent from starting on the startup tab, then you now can go along with the subsequent steps.

  • Measure Inch. Open up the’Start’ tab.
  • Step 2. Go to Settings -> Apps – > > Startup.
  • Measure 3. Decide on uTorrent in the listing of programs.
  • Step 4. Change On to Off.

Way #3. Taking Away uTorrent in the Startup directory

There have been cases among Windows-10 users when your client has perhaps not yet been displayed on the set of programs inside the’Startup’ tab and uTorrent starts on startup. Fortunately, it truly is only one means to eliminate uTorrent from the set of programs that start immediately. Another way to accomplish it is by obtaining the hard drive directory.

  • Step 1.
  • Step Two. Find the uTorrent folder.
  • Step 3. Remove the uTorrent folder from the listing of folders.


In case uTorrent opens to startup windows, those listed above are the methods to keep it from taking place. You can proceed with one or do both just for insurancecoverage. Immediately after restarting your computer, uTorrent doesn’t longer show up in the startup panel.

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